Service and repair

We offer repair, calibration and maintenance services for almost any type of scale or scale, depending on the manufacturer.

Any repairs we perform follow a well-established protocol, so at the end we offer a “Repair and Warranty Certificate”, accompanied by a “Repair Report” and a “Calibration Certificate” or “Metrological Verification”.

If additional adjustments and configurations are required, for each scale or balance received in service, we will make them to the extent of compatibility between the scale and the new desired option.

Standard repair and calibration services offered by us for the scales and scales arrived in our workshop:

  • Interior and exterior cleaning of the scale
  • Checking the mechanical structure
  • Check and adjust the analog signals, if necessary, replace the batteries
  • Testing of the digital-to-analog converter, the central unit and the power supply, preparation for calibration
  • For the printer, clean the thermal print bar and paper guide
  • Review all cables and connections
  • Verification of all existing functional requirements
  • Internal adjustment control
  • Weighing system test, including printer
  • Calibration and adjustment with test weights with appropriate accuracy classes
  • Each calibrated scale receives a sticker with permissible tolerance
  • Create a verification report

We can offer customized “Service Contracts” tailored to your needs, so that the scales and scales will remain permanently functional and very accurate.

If you want to benefit from our partnership, then we can offer you the services:

Planning: We will perform regular maintenance to prevent scales from malfunctioning before they occur. We will also perform the necessary calibrations and provide certified test reports.
Information: We will keep in very close contact with you, so we will let you know in advance that a verification according to the “Service Contract” is coming. We will also make periodic checks, telephone or personal, not included in the contract, to observe the proper functioning of the weighing equipment.
Speed: The necessary repairs are made immediately after the approval of the estimated costs. This avoids long periods of scale or scale failure, and you will save valuable time and money, reducing costs.
Coverage: Based on a “Service Contract“, we undertake to cover any area of ​​the country.

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