“WEFLK” Weighing Platform

Electronic Weighing Platforms

Model: “WEFLK”

Manufacturer: Dini Argeo


Cod Capacitate [kg]
2R [kg]
Dimensiune [mm]
WEFLBK1500-1 600/1500 0,2/0,5 1250x1250x120
WEFLDK3000-1 1500/3000 0,5/1 1250x1500x120
WEFLEK3000-1 1500/3000 0,5/1 1500x1500x120

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The indicator includes the printer.

Multifunction, precision and reliable multifunction platform scales.

Stripe-coated steel platform for better resistance and safety.

The indicator adapts to the application and may include a thermal printing system.

Mounting the platform can be done on a flat surface or embedded in a slab. Protected against moisture.


  • Zero return;
  • The country;
  • Printing (only in the protected area);
  • Resolution Weighing x 10;
  • Net / gross or lb / kg conversion
  • Assembly;
  • Formula weighing;
  • Check + / -;
  • Percentage weighing;
  • Count (maximum resolution up to 1,500,000 divisions);
  • Setpoint control point;
  • Hold and Peak;

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