” WEFL-2017 ” Floor Scales

” WEFL-2017 ” Floor Scales

Scale Platform particularly resistant to large seating area.
Multifunctional, compact and high-grade weighing indicator for moisture and dust.
” WEFL-2107 ” is a platform-scale industrial scale used in commercial transactions and industrial applications due to its precision and resilience.
Manufacturer: Dini Argeo
Cod Capacitate [kg]
2R [kg]
Dimensiune [mm]
WEFLB1500-1 600/1500 0,2/0,5 1250x1250x120
WEFLD3000-1 1500/3000 0,5/1 1250x1500x120
WEFLE3000-1 1500/3000 0,5/1 1500x1500x120

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  • Weighing Net / Gross;
  • 10X display resolution;
  • Conversion functions (meters, liter, count, etc);
  • Accumulation;
  • The country;
  • Percentage weighing;
  • ‘Hold’ function;
  • Weighing formulas;
  • Numerator;
  • Printing (on the attached printer);

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