ALGM Series


  • Capacity: 210 g;
  • Readability: 0.001 g;
  • Temperature up to 230 degrees Celsius;
  • Automatic calibration;
  • USB and RS232 standard interface;
  • Accuracy 0.001% humidity;
  • Programming display results;
  • Numerical analysis and statistics;
  • Possibility of choice for heating system: halogen, infrared, radiator
  • Moisture Analyzer balance or thermobalance analysis is designed and developed for applications in wastewater treatment and other applications specifice.Datorita high temperature, moisture analyzer balance allows getting fast and highly accurate results.

Moisture analyzers offers high protection against mechanical and electrical interference and operate with the highest levels of accuracy. Housing premium confer robustness and sealed chemical resistant keyboard protects against spills, moisture makes caanalizoarele be amazingly resistant to environmental conditions.

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