Automatic Weighing System

Automatic Weighing System

Automating production flows with weight verification systems increases productivity and certifies compliance with European standards for packaged products. The weight verification systems offered by us allow operation in perfect conditions, integrated in conveyor belt systems, for dynamic or static weighing, and can be automatic or semi-automatic.

Functions of the weighing / checking system

The control of the speed of the conveyor belt is done according to the cadence of the packets to be checked, everything synchronizing with the signal given by the photo cell.
You can also set the conversion of the density coefficient for each item, and display the weighing in ml.
Programmable alarm and preset time interval.

Verification function +/-

  • Programmable for each item in the database, with the setting of a maximum of 3 physical tolerances, for 7 different groups
  • Programmable for database products
  • Programmable according to an individualized formula

Print each check, for each product, with the possibility of storing all data.
Automatic printing of checks and deletion of weighing and totaling data after a predetermined number of weighings.
Automatic return to zero after a certain number of weighings.
Control of the entire system by means of a relay, in order to make the necessary corrections (elimination of a non-compliant product or recalibration of the system).
Possibility of RS 485 connection for ethernet or internal network.
Tare programming, individualized by products.
Automatic calculation of weighing time and package position, in order to optimize the operation of the entire system.
Database of up to 1000 items, programmable for arrangement by alphanumeric description, density, tolerance, target, and preset tare for each item.
Selection of items by a barcode, with the possibility of storing, processing and printing 5 different codes, for each item.
Configure and calibrate the entire system via PC.
Reports on the operation of the entire system, operating cycles, date and time, statistics on activity, standard deviations performed, totals for each product.
Possibility to connect to a light warning system.

On request, systems can be configured according to the existing production flow.

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