Mobile Scale Indicator DFWKRP

Mobile Scale Indicator DFWKRP

 Multifunction display for display, control and programming of a scale, all mounted in a diplomatic bag.
The bag has the dimensions 325x460x170 mm and the weight of 5 kg. The power is supplied at 12 Vdc or with an adapter directly from the
230 VAC network.
Operation without recharge for at least 10 hours.
Keypad protected from moisture and water splashes.
The standard has 4 connectors for access to the weighing platform, rechargeable batteries, thermal printer. Optional can be provided with up to 8 platforms.
Possibility to control by infrared or radio frequency remote control.
Optional data transmissions via radio, wireless or ethernet.
RS232 connection for PC. Optional USB connection for pickup data.
Data viewing can be done for each platform or a combination of platforms. Calculate and print the total weight, net or center of gravity of the truck. Listing is done for each axis and the total weight.
The label can be customized as follows:
  • 4 lines for the header;
  • Weight for each platform and their amount;
  • Total net weight of the vehicle;
  • Coordinates of the center of gravity;
  • Ticket number;
  • Number of weights;
  • Standard Bar Code 39;
  • Date and time;

The whole system can be metrologically verified, CE-M approvable (OIML R-76 / EN 45501).


Manufacturer: DiniArgeo

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