DINITOOLS Software for Indicator and Scale Management

DINITOOLS Software for Indicator and Scale Management

DINITOOLS is a software for programming and configuring Dini Argeo indicators (DFW, TRI, TRS, CPW, 3590, DGT, DGTQ, DGT60 etc.)
Particularly useful in the management of production or managerial activity.
The software allows the creation of databases.

Possibility to connect to the Internet on your phone, tablet and computer, to view details.

Soft: DINITOOLS, Dini Argeo, Italy


  • Record the used weight indicators in a database
  • Receiving and transmitting data from the indicator to the PC and vice versa
  • Recalling the desired configurations (calibration, printing, etc.) and / or transferring them from the PC to a similar indicator, without reconfiguring the indicator
  • Scale calibration, which includes:
    • Calibration with the use of sample masses, with the possibility of linearizing the system up to 8 points
    • Theoretical calibration
    • Pre-calibration: recording the data present on the instrument panel, useful for “cloning” the scale, in case of its replacement
    • Digital equalization of the load cells
  • Can modify/send/ receive all the configuration parameters of the scale, with the subsequent registration of the executed configuration
  • Export / import configurations to/from PC
  • Programming the printouts
  • It also includes the Weigh Console software, a program that allows you to read the weight on your PC and store the data recorded in Windows applications (eg Excel, Word, etc.)

PC Minimum Requirements:

  • Pentium IV or equivalent – 256 Mb Ram
  • 200 MB of empty space on disk
  • Windows 10
  • Internet Explorer 6.0 SP1 or greater
  • Monitor with 800×600 minimum resolution, 256 colours
  • A RS232 serial port

We offer free telephone support* for our customers, throughout the warranty period, during working hours, and off-schedule on an appointment basis.
*weighing installation instructions, weighing calibration instructions, use and optimization of standard functions, diagnosis and solution of weighing errors, etc.

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