“WALL-E” Electronic Scale

Electronic scale “WALL-E”

Bench and Floor Electronic Scale for current activities.

  • Waterproof keypad.
  • Moisture protection class IP 65.
  • Easy to connect to a PC or printer.
  • Powered by 4 AA batteries or directly from the network.
  • Battery life 60 hours.
  • The platform from INOX.
  • Possibility to control PC,
  • Easy to use scale,
  • High precision and repeatability;
  • Duration of use in very good operating conditions;
  • Very good operation / Repeatability under conditions of maximum use;


  • Tara,
  • Percentage Weighing,
  • Count,
  • Introduction Formula weighing,
  • Weighing net / gross,
  • Measuring (+/-),
  • Conversion in meters or volume,
  • Measurement in kg or Lb,
  • Increased resolution 10 times for weighing,
  • Optional alibi memory,
  • Password access password,
  • Hold,
  • Optional PEAK,

This type of electronic scales is simple to use, sturdy and in addition its maintenance does not require great effort.

Available in the CE-M approved metrology version according to OIML R-76 / EN 45501 standards.

Model: WALL-E 2017 ,

Producer: Dini Argeo

Quality, Reliability, Resistance.

Cod l x w x h

WET6-1 300x300x130 6 2
WET15-1 300x300x130 15 5
WET30-1 300x300x130 30 10
WEQ30-1 400x400x140 30 10
WEQ60-1 400x400x140 60 20
600X600X140 60 20
WEX150-1 600x600x150 150 50
600X600X150 300 100
800X800X165 300 100
800X800X165 600 200

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