Platform Scale

Platform Scale

Platform scales are used in almost any industrial field, in larger or smaller businesses.

A platform scale can be adapted to many applications, and can be used in various environments:

  • Platform scale for humid environment
  • ATEX environmental platform scale
  • Dusty environment platform scale
  • Platform scale for areas subject to vibration
  • Platform scales for small parcel shipping offices
  • Platform scales for verification and inventory in warehouses

Depending on the application, a platform scale is built and adapted so as to allow the activity to take place in the best conditions.

Currently any platform scale consists of:

If the application requires a scale to perform other functions, they can be provided on the date of the order. For example, for shipping warehouses, it is a good idea for a platform scale to have an internal memory for the weighed data. For a scale used in retail, it is necessary to be able to transmit data to a printer, which lists the scale receipts.

A platform scale is the perfect solution that can be chosen to solve various weighing applications.

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