Modular Weighbridges

Modular Weighbridges

Modular new generation weighbridges, for installation flush floor to the road surface.

Scaled WBSA vehice platform. The latest generation, easy to install on any flat surface (eg.: asphalt road, concreted surfaces).

Used in industry, agriculture, commercial applications etc.

The standard version for this type of vehicle scale includes the CE-E 3000 + 3000e APPROVAL.


Code Lxlxh (m) Capacity [kg] Division [kg]
WBSAA9-1 9,00×3,00×0,37 30000/50000 10/20
WBSAA14-1 13,00×3,00×0,37 30000/60000 10/20
WBSAA18-1 18,00×3,00×0,37 30000/60000* 10/20

*On request, it can also be delivered for loads of 80,000 kg

Platform scales used in most technological flows either in industry, agriculture, livestock farms, forest exploitation, seaports, garbage collection and management, etc ..

Easy to mount, dismantled and transported. Metrological dual range homologation according to the applicable M; 2R (kg) = 10/20.

Transport, installation and specialized assistance for automotive platform scales (on demand).


  • The support structure consists of reinforced beams
  • The surface of this scaffold platform is robust, made of special steel and anti-slip strips
  • Extremely rigid platform weighing on loads of any type of vehicle
  • All corrosion-resistant surfaces are treated with anticorrosive paint and painted with high-resistance paint
  • IP68 impact protection weighing cells, precision class C3, EN45501
  • Spherical self-centering joints for compensating thermal dilatations
  • Long service life and accurate measurement accuracy
  • Easy access to measurement sensors to ensure maintenance
  • Low height of the weighing platform (approximately 37 cm measured from the settlement surface)
  • Terminal box in IP68 protection
  • Connection cable between scale and command / setting display
  • Dual setting range 3000 + 3000e CE-M approval
  • Wide range of accessories and weight displays

Additional options:

  • Angular installation kit
  • Anti-explosive 3GD and 2GD ATEX

We offer free telephone support* for our customers, throughout the warranty period, during working hours, and off-schedule on an  appointment basis.
*weighing installation instructions, weighing calibration instructions, use and optimization of standard functions, diagnosis and solution of weighing errors, etc.

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