Mobile Wheel Weighing Platform

All these Mobile Platform Platforms are accredited according to EC standards.Each weighing application can be personalized so that only the required data can be obtained.
Weighs the WWS mobile platform platform for weighing the axis of the vehicle axle.
In case the vehicle is used as many wheel platforms, the calibration system is approved and metrologically checked in accordance with the rules in force.
Recommended for both weighing of small vehicles (cars, carts, small containers, etc.) as well as large trucks.
Appropriate for this type of mobile and heavy-duty platform truck and oversize trucks.
The Advantages of using such a Mobile Auto Platform are:

  • High weighing capacity;
  • The system according to the metrology standards in the state of the art;
  • Small platform sizes;
  • High protection against moisture;
  • Finding the weight for each axis;
  • The relatively small weight of a platform;
  • Indicator mounted in a plastic protective box;
  • Rapid installation of platforms to the indicator;

Producer: Dini Argeo

Cod Capacitate [kg]* Diviziune [kg] Dimensiune [LxlXh]mm
WWSB600 600 0,2 400x300x58
WWSB1500 1500 0,5 400x300x58
WWSB3T 3000 1 400x300x58
WWSB6TR2 6000 2 400x300x58
WWSB8TR2 8000 5 400x300x58
WWSE6T 6000 2 700x450x58
WWSE10T 10000 5 700x450x58
WWSE15T 15000 5 700x450x58
WWSF10T 10000 5 900x700x75
WWSF15T 15000 5 900x700x75
WWSF20T 20000 10 900x700x75
WWSF25T 25000 10 900x700x75

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*weighing installation instructions, weighing calibration instructions, use and optimization of standard functions, diagnosis and solution of weighing errors, etc.

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