Cantar Piata CL5500

Scales for shops, labeling, panel products, screen display for both user and the recipient.

Divisions (g) = 1/2; 2/5; 5/10;

Capacity (Kg) = 3/6; 6/15; 15/30;


touch-SB-Panel (CL5500-S only)

Seller – Direct Keys


48 programmable keys, 96 by double

CL5500-R / D: 72 Free, Buttons – 144

CL5500-S: 172 Keys self-service (SB-100 panel, 72 on the body), four function keys


1000 ingredients text 510 characters or 500 ingredients, 1.020 characters (s. Options Factory)

8000 items

LCD screen for Tara, weight, price and amount, dot matrix LCD to display text

Hi-speed direct thermal printer for receipt, tags and labels continuous system

65 label formats – 20 freely configurable, free label formats: 40mm to 60mm width and 30mm to 200mm length

Possible labels in landscape mode (length and width)

Dual-label function – two label templates, roll stainless steel platform with support self-service mode,

foreign currencies port barcode scanner, cash drawer port

Optional: wireless or wireless Ethernet network for Composite Software

PLU hood (only CL5500-D) PC Kit incl. cables and software management, a USB ISDN, GSM / UMTS crafted server

tags configuration, training GDPdU1 fiscal memory.

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