Cantar Numarator

Counter Balance

Scale numerator is the best solution offered by one or more interconnected scales for parts counting, calculating volumes (liters) meters, strengths, etc.
Scale numerator is particularly practical for inventory checks made products from a warehouse. Counting and counting all products can be done very easily using a scale number. Counter scales can be programmed and built according to each application thanks to the many options available.

Counter Scale. Main functions.

Depending counting multiple parts, volumes, forces, meters etc.
-Precizie Than counting and loading and unloading counter scales;
-introduction Reference quantity;
-Presetarea Known weight of a product or the use of formulas;
Optimizing automatic A.P.W .;
-Dozare On quantities and parts with maximum load for each item;
-Printare Data weighed depending on quantity, approximate weight or relative;
Weighing totalization functions and data;
-Totalizare At loading and / or unloading;
-Totalizare Automatic or manual;
-Totalizare And country team;
4 functions of independent tabulation and printing: Partial, General, Total, per item.
Auto weighing, preset country (direct or calculated), manual or automatic country; unlock function set to end weighing country;
Selection and viewing on the LCD operations performed at the weigh (totals progrsive, weights, volumes, …);
Customized configuration functions for client applications;
Multifunctions for external display (Repetera):
-Reception and display the distance and visible place on the scale of operations performed through a serial port with the ability to use the available data for various functions (eg high-precision calculation of measured values);
Setting texts and print ID within 15 variants of 32 characters each, for example: Code, lot ID, operator ID, identification number, etc;
Database up to 1000 articles with 3 alphanumeric descriptions on 2 lines of 20 characters, eg approximate weight, country, customer, 3 set point for parts;
Database with more than 200 clients identified by alphanumeric description of 5 lines of 30 characters each;
Database for up to 300 hard counter for each scale (up to 4 scales numerator) connected to a display scale;
Possibility articles selection on a bar code, customer or country directly from the display;
Function “calculator” directly counter display scales and application results directly tare;
Programming label printing from keyboard or from a PC display up to 30 formats, each continanad 2048 maximum position (ex .: company name, number of parts, batch weighing, net weight, gross weight, country, date and time, … )
Printing the last 50 weighings;
Wireless data transmission, ethernet, bluetooth.