Custom counting solution for one or more weighings, parts, or quantities (liters, meters, Newtons, etc.)
You can program according to your own metering system, choosing the platform and the optimal indicator of the desired application.
Available accessories can customize the weighing system according to the application.

Possibility to connect to the Internet on your phone, tablet and computer, for viewing data remotely.

Model: KDC, Dini Argeo, Italy


Code l x w x h

RPLC1 Ø=178, h=45 1,5 0,5
TS3 230x330x93 3 1
TS6 230x330x93 6 2
TT15 330x330x93 15 5
TT30 330x330x93 30 10

Indicator functions:

  • Counting function (parts, liters, Newton, meters, etc.)
  • Total weighing or quantity
  • 4 stages of totalization: partial, approximate, general, per article
  • LCD display of weighing steps and graphs (total, progressive, weight, quantity, etc.)
  • Keyboard configuration function
  • External display connection
  • Setup and print 15 IDs
  • Database of up to 1000 articles
  • Computer function
  • Print function
  • Printing for the last 50 weighings

We offer free telephone support* for our customers, throughout the warranty period, during working hours, and off-schedule on an  appointment basis.
*weighing installation instructions, weighing calibration instructions, use and optimization of standard functions, diagnosis and solution of weighing errors, etc.

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