Bench and floor scales, with column, characterized by multifunction weight indicator, hard and sturdy structure and stainless steel loading surface.

Easy to use and versatile, guaranteeing precision and reliability.

Particularly suitable for industrial and commercial use.

Available also in CE-M approved version according to OIML R-76 / EN 45501 standards.

Cod l x w x h

WET6-1 300x300x130 6 2
WET15-1 300x300x130 15 5
WEQ30-1 400x400x140 30 10
WEQ60-1 400x400x140 60 20
WEX150-1 600x600x150 150 50
WEX300-1 600x600x150 300 100
WEE600-1 800X800X165 600 200
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  • Increasing display resolution (x10)
  • Net / gross conversion, lb / kg;
  • Totalizing weighing;
  • Programming;Counting;
  • Check +/-;
  • Percentage weighing;
  • ALIBI memory (optional interface);
  • HOLD (keeping the weighings displayed on the screen);
  • Return Zero;
  • Automatic tare;
  • Preset Country;
  • Data printing / transmission;
  • Selecting command functions;
  • Automatic on / off;

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