Mobile Vehicle Scale

Mobile Vehicle Scale

The purchase of a car scale should be done only after we know exactly why, how long and where we will use it.

Depending on the flow and type of machines, a cost-effectiveness calculation must be made if a car scale is to be purchased.

For example, if we need to weigh cars up to 3.5 tons, we need a weighing platform of at least 4.5 meters.

The offer of any supplier of scales for such a platform generally starts from the price of 7000 – 8000 EUR, to which are added the assembly labor, metrology services, adjacent construction to serve the scale, the concrete surface for the location of the scale, other services and necessary works. In the end, it exceeds EUR 11000. If we do not have a large flow of weighing machines, for example from 2,500 weighings per year, such a system proves to be financially damaging.

On a small calculation, if we consider that the whole system costs us 12500 EUR and we have 2500 weighings per year, the cost is 5 EUR for each weighing performed.

If we use the same system to weigh 2 cars a day, in a year we have 520 scales. The price for such a weighing is EUR 24.

With a mobile vehicle weighing system consisting of 4 small platforms, 400 x 300 mm or 500×400 mm, and a printer indicator, we can perform these weighings quickly and accurately. The entire system can be mounted on any resistant flat surface (asphalt or concrete road, hall, any other concrete surface, etc.) in a few minutes.

In addition, such a system complies with all the metrology rules imposed by the legislation in force. And the biggest advantage is that this type of scale can be placed anytime and anywhere, in a very short time.

The price of such a system starts at around 3500 EUR and is perfectly functional for such an application.

Calculating 520 weighings per year, we have the price of a weighing of EUR 6.7, which is much lower than the price paid if we buy a large weighing platform.

Therefore, before you venture into purchasing a scale, try to consult one of our specialists to see exactly which solution is recommended for your application.

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