Platform Balance. Platform Scale

Platform Balance. Platform Scale

Electronic platform scales are used in almost all industries, either for relatively simple applications or for more complex applications and large capacities.

Why are these platform scales so sought after? The answer is very simple: these platform balances or scales can be designed in virtually any way and for any measurement capacity and accuracy. Another advantage is that, currently, an electronic platform scale can operate in special environments and conditions (ATEX, high humidity, vibration, dust, etc.), only if it is designed from the beginning for such applications. Our recommendation is to always consult a scale specialist and provide the exact data for your application. This way you will have the optimal solution, at the optimal price and performance.

Any platform balance or scale has several basic components:

As accessories we also have the weighing software customized for the application, with different functions (counting, tare, zero, tolerance, units of measurement, etc.), and the battery and / or power supply for the scale indicator and load cells.

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