ALGS | Moisture Analyzer

High-performance, compact and easy-to-use electronic moisture analyzer.

Recommended for laboratories and industrial applications.

Possibility to connect to the Internet on your phone, tablet and computer, for viewing data remotely.

Model: ALGS, Dini Argeo, Italy


  • Capacity: 60 g
  • Division: 0.001 g
  • Graphic LCD screen
  • Keyboard with waterproof membrane
  • 2 x 60 W halogen lamps
  • Diameter of the weighing plate: 90 mm
  • 10 test plates
  • Humidity resolution: 0.01%
  • Drying temperature: up to 160° C
  • Heating time (100° C): time approx. 3 min
  • Drying time: up to 10 h
  • Power supply: 230 Vac power adapter
  • PS2 input for connecting the PC keyboard
  • RS232/C port for connection to PC or printer
  • USB port for PC connection


  • Drying modes:
    • it ends when the set time is reached
    • ends automatically
  • Calculation methods:
    • % of dry weight
    • % of moisture in relation to initial weight or dry weight
  • Memory for up to 10 custom programs (mode, temperature, time, calculation method)
  • Calculation and printing of statistical evaluations
  • Displays drying graphs
  • Entering texts using the PC keyboard
  • Date and time
  • Digital calibration
  • Semi-automatic tare

On request:

  • set of test plates
  • calibration with the issuance of the related certificate

We offer free telephone support* for our customers, throughout the warranty period, during working hours, and off-schedule on an  appointment basis.
*weighing installation instructions, weighing calibration instructions, use and optimization of standard functions, diagnosis and solution of weighing errors, etc.

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