ALP Analitic


  • Capacity (g): 210, 410,510.
  • Divisions (g): 0.0001, 0.001;
  • counting;
  • Weighing percentage (%);
  • Converting units of measure:
    • Non-standard: mg, g, kg, ct, oz, N, grain, dwt, tical, tola, Momme, baht, mesghal, ozt, teal or scheduled;
    • Standardized: mg, g, kg, ct (on request);
  • Bringing Automatic zero;
  • Bring manual from scratch;
  • Country semiautomatic;
  • Digital calibration.
  • Recommended for Laboratories, Pharmacies and Industrial Applications.

Analytical balance of high performance, compact and easy to use with surface currents aer.Compatibilitate protected weighing big programs command and control functions for increased performance weighing and counting conversion.

R2 232 serial port for data transmission to a PC, printer, for obtaining a schedule weigh-repetitive dosing default submission of statistical data or other functions.

Automatic Recalibration internal function. CE-M specifications for marketing.

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